nudie nation.

Here’s a post that is sure to wake you up. Nudies. More specifically, sending nude pictures. (Disclaimer: this is not a cosmopolitan-esque blog, so if you’re looking for a how-to or an advice column, keep walking.) Yesterday, my best friend showed me the most recent picture that she sent to her “guy-friend”. She proceeded to show me a picture of her ,on her bed sans clothing, posing quite provocatively. The picture wasn’t extremely raunchy (she concealed the important parts) but it was definitely a little risqué (think young Britney Spears.) My vivacious friend probed me with questions of how she looked in the picture, whether I thought she looked “curvy”, and if I thought the photo was “artsy” or “trashy”. I have never sent a nude picture before, so I’m not really up-to-date on the proper etiquette for this kind of thing. I just answered her questions honestly and we moved on to another topic. Yet, I couldn’t get the topic of “nudies” out of my mind (hence this post.) This leads me to ask these questions: What is an acceptable nudie? Should you display everything, leave a majority of it to the imagination, or avoid them all together? It baffles me how prevalent “nudies” are in today’s society. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that stripping down has become the most popular form (besides exploiting yourself on reality TV) of captivation, controversy, and attention, whether it be on the cover of magazines, privately through text messages, or openly on social networks. Does that say something about our sense of morality? Does it reveal our obsession with sexuality and body image? Does it make us primitive or perverted? Maybe. Maybe this is just our solution to global warming. Maybe we’re just bored. Maybe this will be the greatest mystery our nation has ever experienced. I don’t know. I guess it’s open to interpretation.

(If I were going to send a nudie, hanging off of a tree would be my preferred method.)









lavandula lullabies.

I recently went on a trip to the lavender fields in Temecula. I have always had somewhat of an obsession with flowers, especially fragrant ones. Lavender is on the top of my list because of it’s ability to make me feel calm and luxurious, open sinuses, has antibacterial properties, and can be used for cooking. For as long as I can remember, my family has had lavender bushes in both out front and back yards, where the only purpose they served was to entertain the bees. I think it was due to our lack of knowledge and my Dad’s ignorance for plants (which results in him trimming the bushes prematurely.) Our trip to the fields provided me with some inspiration and, most importantly, some how-to. Of all the different forms of lavender, drying them seemed the easiest for a novice, like myself, to recreate. I have English (very fragrant and good for culinary purposes) and French (more purple in color and better for decoration purposes) lavender. For the English lavender, I chose the sun method, and with the extremely hot weather we’ve had lately it only took about a week for them to dry completely. To maintain the French lavender’s color, I decided to dry them upside down in the shade. This method takes about 2-4 weeks.





Needless to say, I successfully dried lavender! I’m extremely excited to start making tea, baking, decorating, gifting, and getting crafty with these lovelies… the day I run out will be a dark day.


channeling my inner freeman and nicholson: my summer bucket list.


As a result of the approaching Summer season (and my annoying need to compartmentalize) I have formulated a bucket list. Not a bucket list for my life (I’ll save that for my quarter life crisis) but a bucket list for my Summer. For the last three years I have made lists, and all three years, I have failed to fulfill them. I have a gut feeling (maybe I’m just hungry) that this year will be different. I’m going to start college in the Fall and I think there are a few things I need to do in order to challenge and indulge myself spiritually, creatively, and mentally. I have always claimed to be agnostic but lately I’ve been a little uncertain as to where I stand, in regards to my faith. Especially after reading C.S. Lewis’ A Great Divorce and Siddartha by Herman Hesse, I think I’m ready to to delve into the realm of religion. Mentally, I just need some clarity and solidarity to help me function during college and prevent any mental breakdowns. Lastly, the whole “creativity” aspect is pretty ambiguous and is more of an excuse to do some drugs (just kidding…sort of.) I hope I’m not misleading you into believing that this will be some exciting and rebellious list. In fact, I’m more of a grandma/hippie, on the inside, than I am a badass. So, without further ado

here is my list:
•go on a mini road trip.
•grow an herb and vegetable garden.
•read a lot of books (at the moment I am reading The Illustrated Man and Lolita)
•go hiking more often.
•throw a party (a real party… whatever that means.)
•try yoga and meditation.
start a blog
•experience as many religions as possible.
•become an expert at making all brunch foods and host brunch.
•make a dream catcher.
•learn how to roll a joint.
•try acid.
•go to a concert.
•take a bus by myself.
•get my license.
•get a car.
•watch all of Lost.
•ride Ray’s motorcycle.

Well there it is. I have unapologetically released my inner-most (short-term) goals/desires… I’m obviously an extremely complex individual… I’m really amusing myself here.


not-so-hollow holophrasis.

I thought that on this fine morning I would give you guys a little food for thought. Don’t worry, there is no need to strain yourself before your morning coffee. What I offer you today is a word that may or may not provoke a subtle contemplation, realization, or confrontation…. or you could just simply think the word is cool (I know I do.)

Now, I dare you to squeeze this sucker into a conversation today.


a pondering puddle.


Tomorrow is my official last day of high school. I don’t feel any significant change. In fact, I feel like my usual, incessantly worried self. Actually, I’m more curious than I am “worried”. I’m curious as to what my future holds and who I will be outside of this obnoxious high school setting. Although I have never been very congenial with the whole high school scene, without it to rebel against and contrast with, who am I? I guess I’m afraid of blending in, fading away, and having no reason to be cynical. I feel like it’s okay to be cynical in high school but after a while TOO much sarcasm and pessimism usually gets translated as just being bitter. Don’t get me wrong, I love these characteristics, but I don’t want to be “bitter” just yet. I’m saving that for when I’m 72 and want to fuck with people. All of this pondering is exhausting. Luckily I have Lost (and it’s absolutely amazing ensemble cast, dynamic characters, and suspenseful plots) to take my mind off of my current state of limbo. Right now I’m on the first season and I just want Jack and Kate to get together, and I want to figure out Locke’s motive because he’s obviously the one who doesn’t want to leave the island. Alright, I think that’s all for today. Goodnight readers, fairies, goblins, and all other creatures that do not exist.