my week in movies.

“Hi my name is Gal Golightly…”
“Hi Gal.”
“…and I’m a movie fanatic.”
I have always been a lover of movies. I describe myself as a lover, because I rarely hate a movie. Yes, there are some movies that are God awful and just plain torturous to endure, but if I’m not too cynical that day, I can find something to appreciate in every film. Movies give you the opportunity to delve into someone’s mind, someone’s life. Movies connect people, their ideas, and beliefs. They allow us to play God for a couple of hours and see life from a greater perspective or create our own world altogether. I watch a lot of movies, it’s kind of like my therapy. This post is a round up of all of the movies I watched this week and the movies I want to see. Here we go.

1. Heathers (for the 5th time… it’s my favorite satire, and Christian Slater owns my heart.)
2. Say Anything (again) (“I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” Classic.)
3. The Graduate (Dustin you never fail to impress me.)
4. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (that ending and ensemble cast was stellar.)
5. Labor Day
6. Uptown Girls (again. This movie never fails me.)
7. Cutie and the Boxer
8. 3 Days to Kill (come on Costner, you can do better.)









Want to watch:
1. Maleficent
2. Palo Alto
3. Grand Budapest Hotel
4. The Act of Killing
5. Filth
6. X-Men Days of Future Past
7. Neighbors
8. Locke
9. Lolita (both of them)
10. Mr. Nobody

Summer is here and I am ready to start binge watching. Who needs social contact? Not me apparently.



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