unforgettable flora.

I feel like humans have an exhausting need to document almost everything (cough* cough* this blog… cough*.) I think we do this in order to prove our existence and remember that what just happened, actually happened. Some people do this, hypothetically speaking, by remembering a specific song that played during that one date with that one guy, or keeping the concert t-shirt from your second date with that guy, or turning to that certain comfort food you ate when that one guy broke up with you, or burning that picture of that one guy you used to date. I’m just kidding… I’ve never done that. Anyway, I recently heard of a way to commemorate important moments. Flower pressing. No this is not new or revelatory, in fact, it kind of sounds like something your grandma would do. I felt that this method was perfect for me because, in addition to my elderly spirit, everyone knows I love flowers so I tend to get a lot of them for special occasions. I thought this would be a perfect way to immortalize these beautiful gifts, keep a record of things I’ve grown in my garden, and simply serve as a place for me to keep the random little flowers I come across. I call it my Secret Garden (aren’t I just so darn clever?)