philandering footwear.

Apparently today is a dedicated to clothes/style related posts. I love shoes and I think investing in quality is extremely important. I am always on a budget (and a little bit of a brand-whore) so I love when I can find great brands for cheap, even if that means buying second-hand. I adore thrift stores and flea markets and although they’re unpredictable, dusty, and a little smelly, if you can find it in your inner germaphobe to look passed these factors, you can find some really fantastic and unique finds. Here are a few of my finds from this week:


Dr. Martens from Goodwill for $6.


Jeffrey Campbell’s from a thrift store in Claremont for $30.



Birkenstocks from another thrift store in Claremont for $30. (These are the Birkies that I mentioned in my last post.)

Do you guys know of any good thrift stores?